February 14, 2009

L2 kiki top wallpapers

Re-edited the "L2 kiki top" post, wallpapers are now in high resolution. Enjoy some of the best Lineage 2 wallpapers here. Some of the best in February 2008, that is ^^. A lot of good wallpapers came around since then.

Landscape art in Lineage 2

Here at L2 kiki's wallpapers we love the fabulous landscapes in Lineage 2. We also like artistic impressions of these landscapes. These 2 wallpapers will look good on any desktop, high res, nice colours, really good overall view. Oh, and you can choose the one you like best - the Lineage 2 Oath of Blood or the Interlude wallpaper.

February 13, 2009

Pagan L2 Wallpaper

I always loved the Pagans Temple. Love this Pagans L2 wallpaper even more ^^ . A little beauty inside the carnage underneath the town ...
You might wanna see the small Guide to Pagan's Temple in the L2 kiki guides.

December 8, 2008

L2 initial art

For the hardcore L2 players that dreamt of their future in L2 while gazing into this wallpaper... For those who felt the emotion of a new RPG adventure so many years ago... I dedicate this piece of L2 art.

I still remember the thrill going through my chest when I gathered my first 3 men party near Giran ... and went for some wyrms ^^ Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this fantasy L2 wallpaper and think back at your first encounter with the game.

May 31, 2008

Kamael female in action

A Kamael female can really pwn you if you're not careful. Things get even so more complicated when she ambushes you from heights ^^. Nice wallpaper we have here. Really captures the motion and the feel of the battle.

Kamael rides the wolf

The new rideable wolves really make me shiver. Well not really... :D but still. Great update. And another great L2 wallpaper that is pretty hard to find.


Hungry for L2 wallpapers of Hellbound ? Here's a snack. Serve chilled after a midnight farming run ^^.